Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Now that's suttle... haha

this is why internet dating is hilarious.

noles543: can you talk? u might like this possibly
noles543: i can explain, are you there?
Bubble_Eyes: yeah
noles543: can you talk for a couple minutes?
Bubble_Eyes: is this s survey? noles543: no, just a couple questions and your input and help possibly
noles543: should i explain?
noles543: busy?
Bubble_Eyes: sure but i might be brutally honest
noles543: what does that mean?
noles543: i have these two fantasies and thought u might be turned on by them or might know someone that can help...can i explain?
Bubble_Eyes: nope. no you can't.
noles543: i am sorry then
Bubble_Eyes: and the reason you can't is because i don't really give a crap about some strangers fantasies.
Bubble_Eyes: good luck with that though.
*** noles543's IC window is closed

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