Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Now that's suttle... haha

this is why internet dating is hilarious.

noles543: can you talk? u might like this possibly
noles543: i can explain, are you there?
Bubble_Eyes: yeah
noles543: can you talk for a couple minutes?
Bubble_Eyes: is this s survey? noles543: no, just a couple questions and your input and help possibly
noles543: should i explain?
noles543: busy?
Bubble_Eyes: sure but i might be brutally honest
noles543: what does that mean?
noles543: i have these two fantasies and thought u might be turned on by them or might know someone that can help...can i explain?
Bubble_Eyes: nope. no you can't.
noles543: i am sorry then
Bubble_Eyes: and the reason you can't is because i don't really give a crap about some strangers fantasies.
Bubble_Eyes: good luck with that though.
*** noles543's IC window is closed

Sunday, February 24, 2008


tonight I went on a date with Ruhtra. He showed up on time and of course I was freakin late as can be. I went outside and met him... and he was just soo cute. he's hispanic (mexican) and he's a professional.. and he has a nice car... and he lives with his parents. :( but whatever. lol

He took me to Samurai Sam's in tempe to eat and we were supposed to go shoot pool at 6shooters but that place seems to have changed to something else that is completely closed now!!! which sucks balls. I used to hang out there in my tempe party with the college student days.

He's hilarious! and he's sweet.. and he kinda gives me butterflies!!! :) I dunno. I'm kind of scared of that feeling. Not ready for it I think. I want it.. but fear it all at the same time. its a mixture of fear and craving. does that make any sense? its like wanting to eat chili's you know its gonna hurt later... but you want it now!

we drove around and laughed it up and I loved the fact that he's recently gotten involved in film. He wants to make visual effects and he is actually good at it! he's intelligent and shy and just so cute.

So we decided as a fun lil silly thing to do, we'd go to Fascinations. I felt comfortable enough to go with him on this little venture and figured I'd control myself better than I did with Matt. I figured It would only be smart for me to say no if things went too far.

Well I was right! We went and I bought a new lil toy and he bought a few dvd's. :p we went through all the isles and laughed at the stuff and kinda kissed and cuddled and didn't go too far in any way shape or form. we drove around a bit more and ended up parking and making out a bit. it was cute! very high school! :p He kept saying how much he liked me and I just felt all fluttery.

He drove me home, opened the car doors for me, walked me to my door and kissed me goodnight. It was amazing! :)

I really hope I get to see him again...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Boy's Life

there aren't really any boys in my life .. well... there are but ... okay ready?

1. Nek -
Nek is the guy who came and took care of me when I fell down the stairs. :) then .... well... yeah. I liked him alot. too bad I haven't seen him since. :( we still talk but its soo cut short and brief that I know nothing will ever come of it. I'm not stupid. I get the hint. I'm just kinda sad. would have been nice to actually get pleasured on a regular basis ... stupid boys.

2. Ttam -
Ttam is a guy I've been talking to for months with no meeting. I met him on POF and we talk about everything ... even the dirty stuff.. but he's a 6'4 sexy nerd who's scared shitless of women and doesn't know what to do with me. I want him.. but ... he's gotta man up! it took him months to just call me!

3. Sitruk -
Sitruk doesn't seem to have time for me. What with his work.. and his mini truck club ... and partying with his friends... i'm not very high on the importance list. He did want to meet once but it was soo late I couldn't do it. I have a feeling he's trying to get out of actually taking me out somewhere nice. but he's sooo cute and sooo sweet to me ... through text. lol yeah that means alot. ;p

4. Neb -
Neb is someone I dated for a bit way back. it got serious enough to be sexual (which wasn't that great.... he talked too much during it!) and we were dating. then one day we got into this huge fight. he said some sh*t and I got mad. I realized that I didn't like him all that much. Why was I gettin serious?!! I backed off. He still texts me .. askin to sleep with me... sending me dirty messages ... stupid boys.

5. Kered - He's a freakin buttload of issues. didja ever see Bedazzled? The super sensetive guy who cried at the sunset and sand the dolphin safe tuna song? yeah.. that's Kered. He was sweet and kind and waaayyy too fast for me. we dated for a bit. and I liked him even though i knew he was an emotional wreck. I thought "I can get past the mush!" WRONG. one night... i slept with him. and it was GOOOOOOD.... then he said it. "i think i love you."
Yeah. I freaked. I ran. He ended up meeting another girl. they started dating and he and I tried to stay friends. but she... she was psycho. He told me that she was 19 (much younger than he) and a basketcase. i thought "you're perfect for eachother. you're such a father figure and she's just a baby" well... that turned out to be a horror story. She treated his kids like shit. he let her move in. stupid!!! she treated him like shit. she was stealing from her job. she stole from him. then... when he finally kicked her out... she called the cops and said he hit her... you know how i found out? she stole his phone and logged onto his yahoo account. insanity. yeah. you ready for the conversation? Names have been changed to protect the innocent .. and the guilty.

Me: i see you have your phone back.
Her: Who is this
Me: lol its Yas you retard.
Her: Oh well this isn't BEEP
Her: He's still in jail
Me: oh is this BEEP's girlfriend?
Me: oh is he? wow.
Me: can i get my stuff back?
Her: I'm not his girlfriend anymore
Me: but you're logged onto his account? real smooth
Me: he has a few things of mine i need to get back.
Her: No he was
Her: Never logined him out
Me: regardless...
Me: stuff...
Me: mine...
Me: need...
Her: BEEP hit me twice and he's in jail
Her: What stuff do i have that's yours
Me: well if you're still in his house then it would be the viao computer, the Metropolus DVD and the Katamari Damacy video game.
Me: I'd like those things back
Her: You'll have to ask him
Me: so you have his phone, logged into his account, wearing his bruises but no longer in his house?
Her: He kicked me out and in the process he beat me up
Me: just makin sure i have the story straight.
Her: My phone i bought it
Her: My name is on the account
Me: ah. but you're still logged in..
Me: which means you've been telling everyone who's messaged him that he hit you and he's in jail?
Her: Call his grandma she is the wife now
Me: lol she was always the wife.
Her: No i didn'tknow he was logined in
Her: On my phone
Me: but he hasn't been logged in in days ... and suddenly he logged in? no phone is set up with auto log.
Me: but thats cool
Her: Yeah well now she is once again
Me: it doesnt matter to me
Me: as llong as i get my stuff back.
Me: i'm sure she is.
Her: I don't have it
Me: i'm sure you don't
Me: i'll call around.
Me: thanks.
Her: And his house is cleared out
Me: by the way... this would probably be the right time for you to grow up and log him out of your phone.
Her: So wish you the best
Me: oh its okay. i can claim at impound.
Her: Why he's in jail
Me: don't you have your own yahoo account?
Her: He can't he's in jail
Me: he can't what?
Her: More
Me: he can't what?
Her He can't come anywhere near me
Me: so you stay logged into his account?
Her: So if you want your stuff good luck
Me: thats kinda retarded.
Me: no problem. which county impound was it taken to?

Me: lol
Me: you probably shouldnt have used the invisible. every time you type... it shows at the bottom.

Turns out... No he didn't hit her. MIND YOU this guy couldn't hit a train headin right for him! he just isn't that kinda guy. he isn't anywhere near violent. he runs from it. and she... she's psycho. i can't even express it enough. he spent 28 hours in jail over a trumped up charge and a cut she gave herself on her hand. she's taken over his accounts including his myspace and has gone bonanas.

I ... feel bad for him because if he weren't so damned mushy and now with all the drama.. i'd have dated him again. he was the one i'd have liked to have tried again with.


now... i'm alone. good times!

never seen it

I've never seen this show and yet... I can't stop singing this song...


Nothin's hotter than the synth.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


so Ttam took me out tonight. first and foremost I want to tell you that my roommate is an assh*le. He basically told me to leave the house for 2 hours so he could invite a girl over and screw her brains out. but he couldn't accomplish that with others in the house. I stared at him for a bit and told him he was a dick for asking me to leave the house I'm paying rent in as I totally and utterly would never ask him to leave just so I could try to f*ck someone. I told him I pay rent. He has no right.

He begged and whined and b*tched and complained until i finally agreed.

Ttam picked me up and oh my god the guy is huge@!!! I don't mean he's fat. I mean he's a full SIX feet FOUR inches tall!! he shaves his head (goin bald maybe??) and has a knee injury (like he will probably be needin surgery soon) so he had to wear a knee brace. the kind atheletes wear. He's kinda gawky and gangly... not necessarily gorgeous but he's sweet and kind and i liked that.

We went to applebee's and ate desert and talked. We laughed and he accepted the fact that damn do I have a foul mouth on me. I really have to stop cursin so damned much! hah

I told him about my crappy roommate's request so we drove around real slow. Then we came the Park N' Ride. we parked and we talked. i leaned into him and we cuddled a bit. then he kissed me. then he stopped! he told me he was a kiss freak and that if he kept kissin me Bad Ttam would come out and there'd be no stoppin it. I wasn't planning on doin anything and thought I'd be able to say no but then... NO isn't something I've yet mastered I guess.

as we kissed some more and he got a hold of my breasts, I got turned on to no end and things happened.

I didn't sleep with him but after it was all said and done, I felt like kicking myself. :( I don't want to do that anymore. I've been through my fair share of quickies, one nighters, and short lived relationships because of that. so there! NO MORE! yeah well.. that's proving much harder than thought.

He brought me home, kissed me goodnight and off we went our seperate ways.

and I came home to find that my stupid roommate was stood up by his potential lay.


lets see if i see him again.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Job Security [read:office retardation]

I had to go back to work today, still coughing and hacking, still swollen. I got there early to find a massive scan pile under the desk, my patient files a shambles and my desk lookin like someone robbed me!

SOMEONE B&E'd my desk!

I have no idea how the damned office functions when I'm not there. It was like someone did my job.. just horribly! and what should have made me feel like I was covered in job security like a freakin glowing holiday ham, only made me feel like I needed freedom.

I think I'm a nomad. I'm not made to stay in one place too long. Not a job, not a house, not a state, not anything.

I sat and kinda stared for a good 20 minutes before I realize d that I'd have to work off the clock if I wanted to get anywhere near caught up. It sucked to know that no matter what I did I wasn't about to get anywhere near cuaght up because my retarded coworkers couldn't handle the job without me.

And sadly... it just got worse. all day the files were just horrible. I mean who was what and appointments were in the wrong spot and now I'm having to just do more work. I was apologizing and making calls to correct all kinds of crap. its amazing how much some people can screw up royally when they realize the job isn't that easy.

Man. I need some excedrine. my head's killin me.

okay... I'm goin to bed. tonight I watched The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara today after work and damn does that movie never get old! :D

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

you view la!

my uvula is the size of a green grape. except its red. very very red. so on Thursday Yram and Airolg both decided to come to work sick. I'm talkin coughing sneezing itchy eyes watery nose... I could read their symptoms right off of the front of a Nyquil bottle. Yram sits with me at the front desk and she's coughing and hacking, and I'm avoiding her like ... well.. the PLAGUE!! I can't afford to be sick!

She's so bad my boss ends up sending her home early! but its too late. the germs are everywhere and suddenly I start to feel a lil loopy. (or Lupe en espanol.. as if read by a white girl).

Friday Yram misses work due to the fact that she's sick as a dog typhoid mary style and can't stumble into work. I'm, personally, happy as a clam! unfortunately Airolg decides that our health isn't as important as a chance to come in and tell more patients about her lazy daughter in-law. in between coughing and hacking.

by the end of friday i know something ain't right because I gotta lil tickle in my throat. something keeps settin off my gag reflex .. which let me tell you! isn't easy. (get your damned mind outta the gutter you perverts!) i go home and immediately start taking meds. i'm poundin the nyquil and dayquil. i'm sleeping and takin care of myself.

Unfortunately in the midst of all this sickness... that whole drama with my now ex-sister she-who-shall-not-be-named went down. the stress wore me out. made me feel like shit even worse. even with the nyquil runnin through my system, I'm angry and crying and up all night long. there goes the healing process PHWEP! right out the window!

Monday morning at around 6:30 I wake up choking and unable to breathe. I'm talking psycho drowning style. So I'm grasping for life trying to figure out what I'm choking on when i tip my head back and suddenly my breathing passage opens.

Turns out I'm choking on me.

Yeah. My UVULA and the back of my throat had swollen up to not close but cover the breathing passage. when i tilted my head back, it stretched my neck and throat and moved it out of the way so I could breathe. Can you freakin believe it?!

So I (being completely afraid to miss work and lose my job as I'm sick alot!) go in to work. yeah. my boss picks me up, I show him my throat. He thinks I need to go to the Urgent Care but my other boss Ydnas is the one that would have to make that decision ... So when Ydnas came in... i showed her my throat. she tried to skirt around me and basically told me "let's see if Yram shows up."

Thank god she did. Noj (my boss that picked me up in the morning) took me to urgent care. they checked me in.. gave me a lil face mask thingy that made me feel like I have malaria! and sat my ass down to wait to be called to see the dr.

They called me back, sat me down and took my vitals. They set me up in a lil curtained room .. and when you lay back.. you see one of the flourescent light tiles is a painting of butterflies on a cherryblossom tree... like if you're goin to die here... you might as well stare at something surreal and calming.. right? lol

Dr Adajet came in and I laughed when he recognized me as the chick who fell down the stairs just a week before. ;p He checked me out and I told him I had had (is that grammatically correct!?) bronchitus just a few months ago. and that my PCP (dr not the drug) gave me an inhaler and sent me on my way. He thought it was odd that I seem to have respitory issues again. He then wandered off as most Dr's do in an ER or Urgent care.

I sat there... listenin to the little girl in the next curtained off area breath into a breathing machine. she choked, hacked and whimpered as they stuffed her with tubes and made her breathe deeply. I suddenly felt so horrible. That little girl had pneumonia. which is very dangerous for lil kids. I kept thinkin that maybe I was just bein a baby and I shouldn't be takin up the dr's time if my plight isnt so serious as all that.

Then the Dr came back tellin me I can't go to work because I'm contageous and that I'm very sick and that I need to use all the meds he was giving me. which entailed the ZPACK! which is the 5 day dose of antibiotic, another Albuterol Inhaler which now I have to use more often, and sadly and very scary... Prednisone.

I asked why the Prednisone?

He tells me "well it seems you have slight swelling of the lungs and heavy swelling of the bronchial tubes and throat. This infection you have is triggering bronchitus and we are hoping the ZPACK will be stronger than the Keflex they gave you last time. It seems to be lying dormant in you and waiting until you get a slight chill of any kind, then coming back. Please take all the meds and in 5 days... if you aren't feeling better, you come back to us. okay?"

So now i'm scared shitless right? I have swelling!?! WTF!? dang. like i'm not swollen enough with my Kankle from fallin down the stairs and my chubbiness... Jeebus.

So here's a pic of me in my sexy face mask. :p

and you wonder why i'm single... haha!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

So let it be written... So let it be done.

I've finally had enough. My baby sister Ynnej had finally lied to me for the last time. Sadly, I've had to cut her out of my life completely and thats whats killing me the most.

Are you ready for this?

She went to glamis with him and lied to everyone about it. I was the only one who knew what she was doin and where she was goin. she swore to me that nothing would happen, that she had no feelings for him that he made her uncomfortable and that if he made any advances she would tell me and we would settle it once and for all. All this time... I'd been thinking he was disrespecting me and my sister by crossing the line and making her feel weird.

welll. this weekend it all came out.

She came back from glamis and left my ass at the urgent care. yeah i'm a big girl i can take care of myself but damn does it suck. considering that I sat for a good few hours with her on her lil ankle trip. we get back to the house and I ask her about something my other roommate had said.

I have 2 roommates.

Luap - 40 bi works in importing. has it in for my sister and has a sex offender record for some crazy shit back when he was in high school.

Ezeerb - 20 straight trippy. prime example of don't judge a book by its cover. she kinda looks hot and ... trashy. young porn star look. but.. she's got a heart of gold and is probably one of the sweetest people i've ever lived with.

So here's where it gets outta hand.

Ezeerb - "Hey. So where's Ynnej?"
L - "She's gone to Glamis with Luap"
Ezeerb - "Oh really! Well I'm glad you accepted their relationship. It was getting weird in the house for a while there."
L - "What?"
Ezeerb - "Yeah. Luap told me he was going to have Ynnej tell you that they liked each other and that they had a right to date. He liked her and she liked him and you can't do anything about that so just accept it."
L - "Wow. really. Because Ynnej told me he makes her feel totally uncomfortable and that his sexual advances and comments are unwanted. thats really weird."
Ezeerb - "Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say anything. I mean I don't know really. That's just what he told me. Are you okay?"
L - "Yea. that is just so weird. I wonder which one is lying?"

yeah. at the time... I thought it was Luap.

So when I confronted Ynnej about it, all hell broke loose. she was pissed at me, pissed at Ezeerb and everyone else but herself. she stuck to what she had told me. that it was all unfounded and there was nothing between them.

Then she calls Luap. I have no idea what was said but she tells me F*CK YOU and stomps off in a tantrum the size of cleveland. she left. at the time i was pissed and angry and done with it. but my pal Nek(not the creepy guy i almost rented a room from..) was over and he took care of my gimpy ass while she left. he even got me medicine.

So in the middle of the week, Thursday to be exact, I get this call from my sisterSsirod. I tell her what happened with Ynnej and she says "Well haven't you seen her around the office?"

"No. Its not like she works here." yeah... that the response that started the breakdown of lies.

Ssirod tells me that Ynnej has her whole family believing that she's been working at my job. that she's been going to her parents with specific stories about patients that don't exist and that she's been training in the Mesa office.

Key problems..

1 there is no mesa office.

so someone ... calls my office and asks for my boss. they talk to her about it and my boss pulls me aside and has a little chat with me. I'm fuming at this point because Ynnej could get me fired for bringing unnecessary drama into the work place! She has no idea the rammifications of what her bullsh*t lies do! I'm lost and confused. I had no idea what to do. She's afraid to face her parents so she's stayin at my place. yes... I allow this after the things she said! Her parents are furious. they are on their last thread with her and her lies. They can't understand why she even lied about it.

So the weekend comes. my mind is goin a mile a minute with everything that's happened. She tells me saturday night that she is going to the Tempe Improv with her friend from work Ardnas and some other people from the YMCA (where she supposedly really works). I say okay. I even look up who's performing there for her! I'm excited for her! she says she's going to the 8pm showing.

at around 8:30 she calls me "hey yas look up some hookah bars in scottsdale for me online will ya!?"

"Okay but where are you?"
"In the bathroom at the tempe improv"
"Thats funny... I don't hear any laughter."

yeah.. it gets worse.

she gets home at around 3:30am stumbling drunk and giggling (Ynnej doesnt giggle when she's drunk..) "oh my god i'm soo drunk I had to call Luap to come pick me up! I'm goin to sleep on the couch."

When Ynnej gets this drunk she gets sick. I'm already sick with a cold and I wake up an hour later totally worried about her. Totally and utterly. I keep thinkin damnit she's downstairs alone, throwing up in the bathroom.

I hobble downstairs. yeah hobble my ankles still messed up!

I call her name a few times... she doesnt answer. I can see her leg bent under the blankets.. they are shaped like shes totally passed out under them with them pulled over her head. I suddenly feel like shit i need to make sure she's okay!

I know.. too protective.

I go to shake her. but my hand sinks all the way into something fluffy. I pull the blankets back.. and there are pillows and another blanket artfully positioned to look like someone was sleeping on the couch. I lose it. You have no idea how bad I wanted to just grab her and slap her about 60000 times! She lied to me! AGAIN!!! she completely lied. about everything!

She lied about my job! about her and her boyfriend! about her being with my roommate! she even lied about this weekend! I was done. I was so angry I paced. yeah actually paced my room. I shook with anger. I texted Ssirod at 4:30 in the freakin morning about it. I was soo angry I packed up everything she left in my room and stuck it in the hall on the table in front of Luap's room. I wanted nothing more to do with her.

So the next morning she texts me that nothing happened and that i need to trust her and stop jumping to conclusions and that i was wrong for everything.

I simply told her talk to my to my face or don't talk to me at all.

she refused. she said that i was going to make a scene and make the house uncomfortable again and that it was all my fault.

I Blew up. I told her that she lied to me. that she lied about everything and that I was done with her. That I no longer wanted her lying scandolous a$$ in my life.

then came the knock at my bedroom door.

"If you'd just listen!'
"Listen to what!? you lying to me?"
"I didn't lie!"
"You're busted Ynnej. You lied about everything! Get away from me!"

Luap tried to talk to me. I told him about her boyfriend Yllib. I told him about the job lie. she got pissed off and I simply said "he has a right to know why kind of lying you've been doing if he's going to get into our business!"

I told her off completely and have not spoken to her in a sane manner since.

Her parents found out and kicked her out of their house. It seems they are tired of her lying too.

so thats that. now... I need to find a place to live. I can't even see her without getting sickened to my stomach.


I will say this though...

ever since I said goodbye to Ynnej... I feel much better. no more lies. one less clusterf*ck of drama outta my life.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

damnit Ynnej

my older sister Ssirod warned me that my little sister Ynnej liked to lie. She liked to pretend like she does everything but no one does anyting for her. She is vindictive and caniving. I took it with a grain of salt. Everyone told me that the mistakes she makes is because she's so young.

Well... It's time to grow up.

I moved in with Luap thinking that Ynnej would tell him "I have a boyfriend named Yllib so please stop making sexual advances toward me..."

Unfortunately that isn't what happened. They continued to flirt making me feel completely uncomfortable as its not only disrespectful toward me as I live in that house and she's my freaking little sister!!! but to Yllib. Who has no idea that his girlfriend who he admitted he loves so much, is openly flirting with a 40 year old bisexual with a freakin record.

one minute she tells me it makes her uncomfortable and that there is nothing between them and the next they are kissing in his bedroom when they think I can't hear. I feel stupid. totally and utterly stupid. I believed her. and now i know i shouldn't have.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bring Out The Gimp

First and foremost I need to stop and give props to Eli Manning (who i fondly call Baby Manning). He played and excellent game against the patriots and successfully, the Giants handed Tommyboy his a$$ on a platter. it was glorious. its too bad I was in pain for most of the game. Yeah. that sucks. ;(

You all know that weeks ago, Ynnej fell down the condo stairs, hairline fracturing her ankle.

Yesterday... I did the same.

It all started when my pal Emorej called sayin he wanted to come over hang out and do a load of laundry. I said sure! I (to this day still don't know my damned home address) So I tell him to call me when he gets close and i'll tell him which is my house. He calls and I go jogging down the stairs of the new house. around the third or forth step from the bottom I totally miscalculated and ate it.

My right foot rolls ... makes a sickening sucking crunch and i end up slaming into the glass end table and onto the floor belly flop style.

a moment of wailing.. "OH MY GOD!!!" and "DEAR GOD NO!!" yeah.. I really said that.. and the pain came. I thought I broke it. sudden nausea hit me like a ton of bricks and I break out into a cold sweat. I call Emorej and at first ... he doesnt pick up. I start to panic as my sister has gone to Glamis with my roommate Luap. My other roommate is gone for the weekend as well. I'm alone... and



Finally I get Emorej on the phone and tell him where to find me. I can't stand so I all dramatic hollywood style drag my chunky a$$ to the door to unlock it. He finds me on the floor!! in pain! crying!

"Do I need to call 911?"
"No. Just help me up so I can sit down."

Emorej is much stronger than I thought he was. He hefted me up with no problem and helped me hop to the couch.

The ankle. OH ITS UGLY. I'm in severe pain. but damnit the superbowl is about to start!!!

so ... in turn I know at this point you're shaking your head goin "oh god I know she went to urgent care immediately." you know thats not true. I watched the superbowl.

My sister Ynnej and my sister Ssirod aren't getting along due to some dramafied bs that I want nothing to do with. So Ynnej lied to everyone about goin to Glamis. so no one knows but me. so She calls me and and tells me that she is on her way home. I tell her I fell down the stairs. she huffs and I tell her about it. she tells me to wait for her and when she gets in she'll take me to the urgent care.

I call my sister Ssirod and tell her what happened. She immediately tells me she wants to take me now that it isn’t good if I let the injury sit. I’ve never been hurt like this before. I’ve never broken a bone in my body. So Trust me… I’m Freakin out. I tell her okay and text Ynnej back to let her know that Ssirod will be taking me.

She tells me no. Just wait for Ynnej and let her deal with it. That I will be fine. I’m in pain. I’m confused. And Frankly, I’m retarded. So I say okay. I let my two sisters go at it about who’s gonna take me to urgent care.

At the end… I don’t go until this morning. Yeah that’s right. Monday morning I finally make it to Urgent Care. And on top of the Ynnej drops me off. Doesn’t stay with me at all, doesn’t even come back to stay with me. Just drops me off alone. I went to urgent care with her and stayed with her so she wouldn’t be alone and in pain. She however didn’t feel the same. I’m not happy can you tell?

They xray my leg from the mid calf down and look at my ankle real good. I’m still in pain and the swelling now looks like I’m muling a grapefruit across the border in my ankle.

The nurse is kinda green from lookin at the grotesque positioning of the swelling and the turn of my foot. Then the Dr comes in. Dr Adajet introduces himself, looks at my foot and makes weird cockeyed looks at it. He then does the typical Dr thing “hmmm. Does it hurt when I do this?” in which I squeal in pain and he stops.

He assess’ the mess and tells me that I’ve pulled and maybe torn ligaments in my ankle and upper foot. That the damage is going to hurt worse than a fracture. Ynnej finally shows up, hears this and tells me he’s full of sh*t because her fracture hurts way more than my sprain. I just kinda look at her.

He gives me rx’s for pain and inflammation and tells me that I need stay off of it just for at least a day. Says use the crutches and only light pressure when I can. I’m up for that, he gives me copies of my xrays and sends me on my way…

But not before he mentions that there is some odd clot of some kind on my shin completely unrelated to the injury that I need to have looked at.

Yeah… scared shitless.

So we go home. And that’s that! Now.. I’m all hot and Gimpy!