Thursday, January 17, 2008

D'oh... AGAIN!!

Well Damnit.

Went to meet Nek. Of course took Ynnej with me. its like a test now. If they hit on my little sister… its soo done. HAH!

We get there… he’s nice. He’s a huge chargers fan from San Diego. He makes good money has a nice place and is cool with both me and Ynnej. He actually had his female friend Refinnej meet with us too just to make us feel safe which I thought was totally cool.

All was going perfectly until he took me into his office, showed me his toys (RC Cars you pervs!) … it was just him and I and as we were talking… I turned my back and he grabbed my sides. My chunky parts. My love handles. My chub. Yeah. He grabbed and … attempted to tickle me. and right then and there… I was immediately weirded out.

Well there went that. L AGAIN!!

Boys are dumb. I’ve come to this conclusion after years of watching, researching and studying boys. They are complete morons. We hung a little while longer but I just felt totally weirded out. We left and I told Ynnej. She told me I’d be better off moving in with Luap and that she’d tell him he needed to back off.

So … maybe that’s what’s goin to happen. Who knows. :p

0_o L

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

D'Oh! Well there goes that.

Oh No! Luap hit on my 20 year old sister!!!! He hit on my sister, blatently in front of me! I felt like… dude… she’s literally half your age. She’s too hot for you… you’re f*cking sick. You know why? Because he’s BI!!!! That’s right folks. I have no problem with gay/lesbian/bi people but dude… its my sister. He was just finished telling us about his newly discovered love of dick… telling us how he’s dating a few guys… and then…



What a freakin moron. I felt like slapping him. Ynnej was all kinda weirded out but I think she kinda liked the attention. Nothing wrong with harmless flirting. Which I am totally cool with.

Nevertheless… I’m goin to go check out Nek’s place. There’s no way I’m movin into a house with a dude who hit on his roommates little sister in front of her.Totally disrespectful.

That retard.

~_~ L

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Hunt Begins!

L’s been without any internet or even cell phone to make any communication with the outside world. Its been an interesting little piece of my life without it. I almost felt like a kid… when I relied on everyone else for attention, time or anything else that might be fun. I became a little bit more in tune with myself, often. Mainly at night. Haha! Just kiddin.


The lease is up on Feb 1 and Ynnej and I have to haul some ass. Start packing and cleaning and finding places to live. Well, she’s goin home to the ‘Rents. I’m the one who has to find out what I’m goin to do. I started lookin on Craigslist and realized there are a lot of sick f*cks out there.

“Wanted. Roommate. Must be young, female, supple with soft breasts and firm thighs. Must be flexable. Rent negotiable.”

“Room for rent. 46 year old male looking for female roommate ages 18-19. Must look underaged and not mind mass amounts of video equipment. Must be willing to share bathroom and open air shower. Rent Negotiable, roommate Firm.”

“Room for rent. Middle aged couple looking for young frisky female to move in to empty room. Room used to be son’s but he’s off to college now and we are looking for a playmate. Rent is $300.00 + Utilities. Negotiable for favors.”

I found two though that don’t sound as bad.

One is a guy named Luap. He’s 40, well off and living in a really nice house. He’s starting a new business venture and wants to make extra money with roommates. I’m goin to see the house with Ynnej tomorrow night.

The other is named Nek and he’s closer to my age. 34 livin in a condo closer to my work. His little brother moved home and now he wants a roommate. We’ll see. I’m gonna go for Luap but if it doesn’t work out, I’ll check out Nek.

I just don’t want to get @ss raped one night by my new roommate. Lol gotta watch out these days ya know….

0_o L

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Death of a black patent Pump


Today I mourn a family member. A trend setter. A modern introduction of the classic itself.

Today, My 5 year old black patent pumps (the first ever bought from Torrid in the Brea Mall in california) died. The right heel is no longer 4 full inches. It’s now only 2. maybe 2 ½ if lucky.

That’s right folks; my favorite heels … are dead.

*cue Italian Mafioso wife wails and screams*

I should have known they were on their last leg! I should have known this was the end. But of course, par with my own natural selfishness, I ignored the pain they inflicted on my feet today. I ignored the swelling of the balls of my feet and the sharp tinge in my heels. I ignored the unnatural wiggling of the heel on that right foot… until, walking to Noj’s car tonight to go home…


The right heel split in two. I felt Handicapped. GIMPY as my politically incorrect (yet absolutely hilarious) friend said. I now walked with a gangsta lean to the car, to the door .. and even half way up the stairs of my house before it occurred to me to take the carcasses off of my stocking’d feet. L


Those shoes took me into my first nightclub in Scottsdale. Those shoes got me many a’ looks and even waggling eyebrows at my heart shaped calves. Those shoes… got me laid. I wore them to work, to the club, even to a funeral once. Which I might admit I looked sexy at all times. It’s mandatory you know.

They survived night after night of clubbing, day after day of telemarketing, administrative assisting, receptioning, collecting, accounting and whatever other half assed job I was doing at the time. They survived my mutilating their original look!

Yes! At one point, I was abusive! I admit it! I bought them with maryjane satin ribbon ties that went across the high arch of the top of my foot. Just below the ankle. After a few years of this cutesy style, I ruthlessly cut off those satiny ties! Those that had been chewed and therefore shortened by my cat!

Do I regret it!? NO!

But today… today I regret their passing into shoe heaven. I’ll miss you TORRID BLACK PATTENT SATIN TIE PUMP.

New Years Eve!

I have no f*cking life. ;p New years eve Ynnej and I hung out then went to Oasis Hookah Bar in tempe. We hung out and smoked and chilled out… Counting down. I remember we did something afterwords but damn if I don’t know what it was!

Lol that’s sooo bad.

Then we get this call… “Ynnej can you possibly come get me? Kcin left me behind at a party. Yes… yes I’m drunk.”

So around 3:45am we drive into the ghetto of downtown Tempe and wait for Ttam. He’s a good guy. Kinda reminds me of everyone’s favorite hippy. But sometimes his decisions make me want to slap him. He’s not really my friend… He’s Ynnej’s friend. But I’ve gotten attached to him. Like a little brother. And man … we got there .. and he was drunk and givin massages. Makin us wait. L it sucked. Royally.

We waited over 10 minutes outside for him when he finally showed up. He got in the car and we started to drive his ass out to Gilbert (far away) to his house. Halfway through he rubbed my shoulders.

The man is good with his hands! I was doin the nodd and roll! Ya know.. when you start to fall asleep and your eyes drift closed… your head nodds down and Boom! You wake up and roll your head back up .. “I’m awake! I’m here!” haha

Yeah. So we dropped his ass off at home and drove home to crash out and ring in the new year. That was that.

Oooohh wait… ya know what we did? I remember now! We met up with Yllib and his family friends … I met his best friend who’s name I can’t remember for the life of me and snuck into Ynnej’s parent’s house to play their new wii. I got my ass handed to me in bowling. :p

Then we got Ttam. That makes me feel better. Lol I was feelin like a f*cking louse for not remembering when I didn’t even drink that much haha

0_o L