Sunday, February 24, 2008


tonight I went on a date with Ruhtra. He showed up on time and of course I was freakin late as can be. I went outside and met him... and he was just soo cute. he's hispanic (mexican) and he's a professional.. and he has a nice car... and he lives with his parents. :( but whatever. lol

He took me to Samurai Sam's in tempe to eat and we were supposed to go shoot pool at 6shooters but that place seems to have changed to something else that is completely closed now!!! which sucks balls. I used to hang out there in my tempe party with the college student days.

He's hilarious! and he's sweet.. and he kinda gives me butterflies!!! :) I dunno. I'm kind of scared of that feeling. Not ready for it I think. I want it.. but fear it all at the same time. its a mixture of fear and craving. does that make any sense? its like wanting to eat chili's you know its gonna hurt later... but you want it now!

we drove around and laughed it up and I loved the fact that he's recently gotten involved in film. He wants to make visual effects and he is actually good at it! he's intelligent and shy and just so cute.

So we decided as a fun lil silly thing to do, we'd go to Fascinations. I felt comfortable enough to go with him on this little venture and figured I'd control myself better than I did with Matt. I figured It would only be smart for me to say no if things went too far.

Well I was right! We went and I bought a new lil toy and he bought a few dvd's. :p we went through all the isles and laughed at the stuff and kinda kissed and cuddled and didn't go too far in any way shape or form. we drove around a bit more and ended up parking and making out a bit. it was cute! very high school! :p He kept saying how much he liked me and I just felt all fluttery.

He drove me home, opened the car doors for me, walked me to my door and kissed me goodnight. It was amazing! :)

I really hope I get to see him again...

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