Monday, February 4, 2008

Bring Out The Gimp

First and foremost I need to stop and give props to Eli Manning (who i fondly call Baby Manning). He played and excellent game against the patriots and successfully, the Giants handed Tommyboy his a$$ on a platter. it was glorious. its too bad I was in pain for most of the game. Yeah. that sucks. ;(

You all know that weeks ago, Ynnej fell down the condo stairs, hairline fracturing her ankle.

Yesterday... I did the same.

It all started when my pal Emorej called sayin he wanted to come over hang out and do a load of laundry. I said sure! I (to this day still don't know my damned home address) So I tell him to call me when he gets close and i'll tell him which is my house. He calls and I go jogging down the stairs of the new house. around the third or forth step from the bottom I totally miscalculated and ate it.

My right foot rolls ... makes a sickening sucking crunch and i end up slaming into the glass end table and onto the floor belly flop style.

a moment of wailing.. "OH MY GOD!!!" and "DEAR GOD NO!!" yeah.. I really said that.. and the pain came. I thought I broke it. sudden nausea hit me like a ton of bricks and I break out into a cold sweat. I call Emorej and at first ... he doesnt pick up. I start to panic as my sister has gone to Glamis with my roommate Luap. My other roommate is gone for the weekend as well. I'm alone... and



Finally I get Emorej on the phone and tell him where to find me. I can't stand so I all dramatic hollywood style drag my chunky a$$ to the door to unlock it. He finds me on the floor!! in pain! crying!

"Do I need to call 911?"
"No. Just help me up so I can sit down."

Emorej is much stronger than I thought he was. He hefted me up with no problem and helped me hop to the couch.

The ankle. OH ITS UGLY. I'm in severe pain. but damnit the superbowl is about to start!!!

so ... in turn I know at this point you're shaking your head goin "oh god I know she went to urgent care immediately." you know thats not true. I watched the superbowl.

My sister Ynnej and my sister Ssirod aren't getting along due to some dramafied bs that I want nothing to do with. So Ynnej lied to everyone about goin to Glamis. so no one knows but me. so She calls me and and tells me that she is on her way home. I tell her I fell down the stairs. she huffs and I tell her about it. she tells me to wait for her and when she gets in she'll take me to the urgent care.

I call my sister Ssirod and tell her what happened. She immediately tells me she wants to take me now that it isn’t good if I let the injury sit. I’ve never been hurt like this before. I’ve never broken a bone in my body. So Trust me… I’m Freakin out. I tell her okay and text Ynnej back to let her know that Ssirod will be taking me.

She tells me no. Just wait for Ynnej and let her deal with it. That I will be fine. I’m in pain. I’m confused. And Frankly, I’m retarded. So I say okay. I let my two sisters go at it about who’s gonna take me to urgent care.

At the end… I don’t go until this morning. Yeah that’s right. Monday morning I finally make it to Urgent Care. And on top of the Ynnej drops me off. Doesn’t stay with me at all, doesn’t even come back to stay with me. Just drops me off alone. I went to urgent care with her and stayed with her so she wouldn’t be alone and in pain. She however didn’t feel the same. I’m not happy can you tell?

They xray my leg from the mid calf down and look at my ankle real good. I’m still in pain and the swelling now looks like I’m muling a grapefruit across the border in my ankle.

The nurse is kinda green from lookin at the grotesque positioning of the swelling and the turn of my foot. Then the Dr comes in. Dr Adajet introduces himself, looks at my foot and makes weird cockeyed looks at it. He then does the typical Dr thing “hmmm. Does it hurt when I do this?” in which I squeal in pain and he stops.

He assess’ the mess and tells me that I’ve pulled and maybe torn ligaments in my ankle and upper foot. That the damage is going to hurt worse than a fracture. Ynnej finally shows up, hears this and tells me he’s full of sh*t because her fracture hurts way more than my sprain. I just kinda look at her.

He gives me rx’s for pain and inflammation and tells me that I need stay off of it just for at least a day. Says use the crutches and only light pressure when I can. I’m up for that, he gives me copies of my xrays and sends me on my way…

But not before he mentions that there is some odd clot of some kind on my shin completely unrelated to the injury that I need to have looked at.

Yeah… scared shitless.

So we go home. And that’s that! Now.. I’m all hot and Gimpy!

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