Tuesday, February 5, 2008

damnit Ynnej

my older sister Ssirod warned me that my little sister Ynnej liked to lie. She liked to pretend like she does everything but no one does anyting for her. She is vindictive and caniving. I took it with a grain of salt. Everyone told me that the mistakes she makes is because she's so young.

Well... It's time to grow up.

I moved in with Luap thinking that Ynnej would tell him "I have a boyfriend named Yllib so please stop making sexual advances toward me..."

Unfortunately that isn't what happened. They continued to flirt making me feel completely uncomfortable as its not only disrespectful toward me as I live in that house and she's my freaking little sister!!! but to Yllib. Who has no idea that his girlfriend who he admitted he loves so much, is openly flirting with a 40 year old bisexual with a freakin record.

one minute she tells me it makes her uncomfortable and that there is nothing between them and the next they are kissing in his bedroom when they think I can't hear. I feel stupid. totally and utterly stupid. I believed her. and now i know i shouldn't have.

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