Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lets catch you up... 1

So I fell off the face of the earth there for about 11 days. sorry. I know. I'm such an ass! lol so lets do this presentation style!

Our key points today will be:

  1. dates with Ruhtra and am i really ready to settle down?!

  2. work is hell but only on hot days...

  3. my sister and my roommate are living in sin

  4. I'm lookin for a new place to live again (reference #3 please)

  5. i'm goin to visit my family in california

  6. the driving thing.

As it stands, my life... is as hectic as always. I think I'm predestined to live a life of hair loss and stress shingles (its a prediction folks..) Mark my words, I'm going to become one of those crotchety formidable angry older women who has a cabana boy they abuse.

oh my god I'm going to be Miss Havisham!!

soo... on to the nitty gritty.

Dates with Ruhtra have become more and more prominent. (heh i love that word). He's awesome. The date before last, I wanted to get him back for all the times he got me (all three hah) so I took him out with my whacky (read:stupid) sister Ynnej, and her best friend Rovert. It was originally supposed to be a date for me and Tra (short for Ruhtra) but I knew how much her best friend loved these old crazy horror movies, so I invited him. In turn, inviting her.

*So the friday came and I get a call from my sister. "Oh my god L. Please don't be mad! I was pressured! I felt guilty! I invited Luap!"
*I immediately became flabberghasted. "Are you f*cking serious!? This was supposed to be a date for Tra and I invited you only because i knew Rovert would love to see this movie! Why would you even do that!?"
*"Well I felt so bad! He said he cleared his night to hang out with us!"
*"Fine whatever. I have to let Tra know."

we end up driving in Luaps totally unnecessary big ass (i have a small penis) truck. I had decided to take Tra to the Midnight Movie Mamacita's showing of Zombie and City of the Dead!! Two extremely gory and outstanding early 80's classic horror films! We decided to go to dinner first and I was out voted. we went to Va Bene which turned out so expensive I wanted to cry. Mind you, I'm treating Tra. I'm payin. and I'm broke! so Va Bene it is. we pay a shitload of money to be treated like crap by our italian waiter and served really good food. We then head out to chandler cinemas.

We get there and Luap is acting weird alll night. ;( we pay and he says he'll wait in the car. I look at him and way "then why did you come?" and he comes in with us. he doesn't like Ynnej and her best friend bein all buddy buddy. he gets jealous. he gets up 20 minutes into the movie.. and walks out.

THATS IT! I glare at Ynnej and tell her "you better hope he doesn't do something stupid like leave us here." and she jumps up and heads out saying she's goin to go smoke a cig. Tra doesn't give a crap what's happening as long as he gets to spend time with me. and that... makes me happy. :) we enjoyed the movie totally and utterly and loved it because it was soo badly dubbed and the sound was soo badly done that we could do nothing but laugh hysterically through the whole thing. Luap and Ynnej finally return toward the end of the movie but at this point everyone knows whats up.

so we go home. the ride is totally uncomfortable. I cuddle up to Tra and just pretend its just him and I so I can ignore everything else. The next day... IT ALL GOES DOWN.


I'm just goin to touch on work briefly as its not so bad. this last week was hectic but I got what needed to be gotten done.. done. hah does that make any sense? Well I'm not changin it now!!

Elleinad is still driving me up the freakin wall with her bullshit baby games of selfish tantrums and attitude at work. the new front desk chick noticed it and is already struggling with it. I had to go to my boss and stand up for her. its better now but we'll see how long that lasts. They keep piling more and more crap for us to do on us and its pushing people to the limits. Dr whatshisface is in Hawaii with his trophy wife Mrs whatshisface. Lucky them. They can't go a day without callin the place. its insane. but... whatever. not my problem. I just do my job answer phones, and thats that. whatever.

3. So the next day after the drama fest my sister and ya know what? I'll just post the message of describing it to my best pal in seattle. He's always got good advice.

L: oh yeh.
L: my roommate... is sick.
L: and my sister.. is no longer my sister.
L: and i need to find a new place to live like asap
L: lol
JB: wow
JB: damm anything good
JB: whats wrong with your roomie
JB: the guy right
JB: or the chic
L: yeah the guy
L: my sister and i got into it when she decided to pull me into the garage (by his urging) and announce that they were going to try dating. i looked her in the face and told her "thanks for fucking listening to anything i had to say" becuase i told her i didnt wnat to know any of this shit.
L: i wanted to be left alone and for them to relaize that i didnt give a shit waht they did
L: becuase they tell me this shit and my family will be up my ass grilling me to find out whats up and I dont want to know!!!
L: so i told them i have no problem with them doin whatever the hell they want, just leave me out of it. and i went upstairs.
L: my sister leaves
JB: wow
L: and he comes up to my room, knocks on my door and starts talking shit to my face telling me that my sister is trying to change he lying ways and i'm just making her feel worse and worse and we got into it and you know me i have a temper like you wouldnt believe so i told him whta i really think of him
L: i told him i think he's fucking sick for dating someone half his age and i think he has a sexual problem and that he's confused and his therapy isnt helping him
JB: uh oh..
L: i told him that now with his urgings to date my sister who's already fucked up in the head, her whole family has disowned her
L: that he is directly responsible as he knows she's got problems and he pushed her anyway
JB: damm
L: i told him that he needed to get the fuck away from me before it got worse
JB: this the bi sex. roomie
L: yes
JB: damm
L: and now he says he's not bi
L: because he doesnt want to have that in his life
JB: interesting
JB: can't teach an old dog new tricks
L: yeah i figured that much
L: so 2 days later to his much surprise i turned in my 30 day notice
L: that was on the 12th
JB: oh ok..
JB: why did you do that if you had plan
JB: no plan
L: well i do.
L: my sister D says that if i find nowhere, i can go live with her.
L: which is perfectly fine by me.
L: just until i find a place mind you
L: and i think i've found a few
JB: sounds good
L: hows seattle?
JB: what happen to Yllib
JB: and ur sis
JB: its nice
JB: it will be better once i get my car
JB: which will be in about a month.
L: well suddenly he's disappear.
L: she said that he and her just broke it off and she's glad because he had a possessive streak but i think he found out she cheated on him with my disgusting roommate.
L: oh nice
JB: damm
L: yeah
L: sucks
L: because he loved her so much
L: but whatever
JB: he was pretty cool
JB: oh well he can do better

4. so the fight I had with Luap made me go on ahead and turn in my 30 day notice. I am now officially looking for another place to live. yep. I've had it up to here. *Holds hand up above her forehead* he thought he'd do good by getting in my face and he learned that I don't scratch. I devistate. he's been trying to be cool with me ever since but he sickens me. totally and utterly.

but i'll put on the happy face so he doesnt burn my room down. until i move that is.

The last two items on the list will have to wait. I just can't possibly type anymore. soooo... i'm goin to visit my family. wooopiddy doo! and I cant drive (still). :(

there ya go. hah!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

ruhtra Date # 2!

yeah thats right folks! date number twooooo!!! heh

tonight I wore a cute lil frilly skirt and my lil black sweater and my lil leopard print flip flops hehe. He wore his nice dark denim jeans, a black grindhouse t shirt and his black chucks!! yeah thats right baby converse... is hot. ;p he looked adorable. he's kinda chunky but he works out all the time and he's good like that. He has a mustache and goatee and he's just soo cute :)

he said he loved the way i looked and he thought i was adorable!

and do you know where he took me!? to a park to feed the ducks!!!! yeah thats right :p feedin the ducks. i loved it. we had soo much fun :D we talked about movies and dancing and music and good times! I loved it. :)

then we went to the Reagle Beagle to eat and have a drink! we talked about the rockabilly world and the music and why i love it. I told him it wasnt the only thing i was into but i loved that i could listen to it when i wanted with my show. :) He told me how he'd always been curious about it but never knew how to get involved with it. it was great to talk about what i loved