Tuesday, February 12, 2008

you view la!

my uvula is the size of a green grape. except its red. very very red. so on Thursday Yram and Airolg both decided to come to work sick. I'm talkin coughing sneezing itchy eyes watery nose... I could read their symptoms right off of the front of a Nyquil bottle. Yram sits with me at the front desk and she's coughing and hacking, and I'm avoiding her like ... well.. the PLAGUE!! I can't afford to be sick!

She's so bad my boss ends up sending her home early! but its too late. the germs are everywhere and suddenly I start to feel a lil loopy. (or Lupe en espanol.. as if read by a white girl).

Friday Yram misses work due to the fact that she's sick as a dog typhoid mary style and can't stumble into work. I'm, personally, happy as a clam! unfortunately Airolg decides that our health isn't as important as a chance to come in and tell more patients about her lazy daughter in-law. in between coughing and hacking.

by the end of friday i know something ain't right because I gotta lil tickle in my throat. something keeps settin off my gag reflex .. which let me tell you! isn't easy. (get your damned mind outta the gutter you perverts!) i go home and immediately start taking meds. i'm poundin the nyquil and dayquil. i'm sleeping and takin care of myself.

Unfortunately in the midst of all this sickness... that whole drama with my now ex-sister she-who-shall-not-be-named went down. the stress wore me out. made me feel like shit even worse. even with the nyquil runnin through my system, I'm angry and crying and up all night long. there goes the healing process PHWEP! right out the window!

Monday morning at around 6:30 I wake up choking and unable to breathe. I'm talking psycho drowning style. So I'm grasping for life trying to figure out what I'm choking on when i tip my head back and suddenly my breathing passage opens.

Turns out I'm choking on me.

Yeah. My UVULA and the back of my throat had swollen up to not close but cover the breathing passage. when i tilted my head back, it stretched my neck and throat and moved it out of the way so I could breathe. Can you freakin believe it?!

So I (being completely afraid to miss work and lose my job as I'm sick alot!) go in to work. yeah. my boss picks me up, I show him my throat. He thinks I need to go to the Urgent Care but my other boss Ydnas is the one that would have to make that decision ... So when Ydnas came in... i showed her my throat. she tried to skirt around me and basically told me "let's see if Yram shows up."

Thank god she did. Noj (my boss that picked me up in the morning) took me to urgent care. they checked me in.. gave me a lil face mask thingy that made me feel like I have malaria! and sat my ass down to wait to be called to see the dr.

They called me back, sat me down and took my vitals. They set me up in a lil curtained room .. and when you lay back.. you see one of the flourescent light tiles is a painting of butterflies on a cherryblossom tree... like if you're goin to die here... you might as well stare at something surreal and calming.. right? lol

Dr Adajet came in and I laughed when he recognized me as the chick who fell down the stairs just a week before. ;p He checked me out and I told him I had had (is that grammatically correct!?) bronchitus just a few months ago. and that my PCP (dr not the drug) gave me an inhaler and sent me on my way. He thought it was odd that I seem to have respitory issues again. He then wandered off as most Dr's do in an ER or Urgent care.

I sat there... listenin to the little girl in the next curtained off area breath into a breathing machine. she choked, hacked and whimpered as they stuffed her with tubes and made her breathe deeply. I suddenly felt so horrible. That little girl had pneumonia. which is very dangerous for lil kids. I kept thinkin that maybe I was just bein a baby and I shouldn't be takin up the dr's time if my plight isnt so serious as all that.

Then the Dr came back tellin me I can't go to work because I'm contageous and that I'm very sick and that I need to use all the meds he was giving me. which entailed the ZPACK! which is the 5 day dose of antibiotic, another Albuterol Inhaler which now I have to use more often, and sadly and very scary... Prednisone.

I asked why the Prednisone?

He tells me "well it seems you have slight swelling of the lungs and heavy swelling of the bronchial tubes and throat. This infection you have is triggering bronchitus and we are hoping the ZPACK will be stronger than the Keflex they gave you last time. It seems to be lying dormant in you and waiting until you get a slight chill of any kind, then coming back. Please take all the meds and in 5 days... if you aren't feeling better, you come back to us. okay?"

So now i'm scared shitless right? I have swelling!?! WTF!? dang. like i'm not swollen enough with my Kankle from fallin down the stairs and my chubbiness... Jeebus.

So here's a pic of me in my sexy face mask. :p

and you wonder why i'm single... haha!


Mob said...


Where to begin?

I hope you feel better, I was sick myself during most of January, it came on Christmas Day in the afternoon and didn't let up until late January, it was crazy, fever, throat thing, the works.

Your drama is always crazy, I just read through all the backlog here, and holy shit, I hope you get into a more stable environment soon.

How many more blogs are you gonna start and then abandon? Just curious, you may win a prize eventually....

L said...

lol just two.


This one's a keeper. by the way... you're the only one who knows me for me now. ;p shhhh don't be tellin people. I'm a wanted woman.

yeah life has turned into well.. whens the last time I ever had any damned peace!?

but don't act like you didn't miss me.