Saturday, March 1, 2008

ruhtra Date # 2!

yeah thats right folks! date number twooooo!!! heh

tonight I wore a cute lil frilly skirt and my lil black sweater and my lil leopard print flip flops hehe. He wore his nice dark denim jeans, a black grindhouse t shirt and his black chucks!! yeah thats right baby converse... is hot. ;p he looked adorable. he's kinda chunky but he works out all the time and he's good like that. He has a mustache and goatee and he's just soo cute :)

he said he loved the way i looked and he thought i was adorable!

and do you know where he took me!? to a park to feed the ducks!!!! yeah thats right :p feedin the ducks. i loved it. we had soo much fun :D we talked about movies and dancing and music and good times! I loved it. :)

then we went to the Reagle Beagle to eat and have a drink! we talked about the rockabilly world and the music and why i love it. I told him it wasnt the only thing i was into but i loved that i could listen to it when i wanted with my show. :) He told me how he'd always been curious about it but never knew how to get involved with it. it was great to talk about what i loved


Mob said...

Glad to hear things are going well for you at the moment!

Sounds like a great time, I hope this works out, you've had too much stress lately.

L said...

lol no kiddin right? and its just the beginning.

i know... almost 10 days late. i'll be updating today so be freakin ready for the carnage. :p