Sunday, February 17, 2008


so Ttam took me out tonight. first and foremost I want to tell you that my roommate is an assh*le. He basically told me to leave the house for 2 hours so he could invite a girl over and screw her brains out. but he couldn't accomplish that with others in the house. I stared at him for a bit and told him he was a dick for asking me to leave the house I'm paying rent in as I totally and utterly would never ask him to leave just so I could try to f*ck someone. I told him I pay rent. He has no right.

He begged and whined and b*tched and complained until i finally agreed.

Ttam picked me up and oh my god the guy is huge@!!! I don't mean he's fat. I mean he's a full SIX feet FOUR inches tall!! he shaves his head (goin bald maybe??) and has a knee injury (like he will probably be needin surgery soon) so he had to wear a knee brace. the kind atheletes wear. He's kinda gawky and gangly... not necessarily gorgeous but he's sweet and kind and i liked that.

We went to applebee's and ate desert and talked. We laughed and he accepted the fact that damn do I have a foul mouth on me. I really have to stop cursin so damned much! hah

I told him about my crappy roommate's request so we drove around real slow. Then we came the Park N' Ride. we parked and we talked. i leaned into him and we cuddled a bit. then he kissed me. then he stopped! he told me he was a kiss freak and that if he kept kissin me Bad Ttam would come out and there'd be no stoppin it. I wasn't planning on doin anything and thought I'd be able to say no but then... NO isn't something I've yet mastered I guess.

as we kissed some more and he got a hold of my breasts, I got turned on to no end and things happened.

I didn't sleep with him but after it was all said and done, I felt like kicking myself. :( I don't want to do that anymore. I've been through my fair share of quickies, one nighters, and short lived relationships because of that. so there! NO MORE! yeah well.. that's proving much harder than thought.

He brought me home, kissed me goodnight and off we went our seperate ways.

and I came home to find that my stupid roommate was stood up by his potential lay.


lets see if i see him again.

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