Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Boy's Life

there aren't really any boys in my life .. well... there are but ... okay ready?

1. Nek -
Nek is the guy who came and took care of me when I fell down the stairs. :) then .... well... yeah. I liked him alot. too bad I haven't seen him since. :( we still talk but its soo cut short and brief that I know nothing will ever come of it. I'm not stupid. I get the hint. I'm just kinda sad. would have been nice to actually get pleasured on a regular basis ... stupid boys.

2. Ttam -
Ttam is a guy I've been talking to for months with no meeting. I met him on POF and we talk about everything ... even the dirty stuff.. but he's a 6'4 sexy nerd who's scared shitless of women and doesn't know what to do with me. I want him.. but ... he's gotta man up! it took him months to just call me!

3. Sitruk -
Sitruk doesn't seem to have time for me. What with his work.. and his mini truck club ... and partying with his friends... i'm not very high on the importance list. He did want to meet once but it was soo late I couldn't do it. I have a feeling he's trying to get out of actually taking me out somewhere nice. but he's sooo cute and sooo sweet to me ... through text. lol yeah that means alot. ;p

4. Neb -
Neb is someone I dated for a bit way back. it got serious enough to be sexual (which wasn't that great.... he talked too much during it!) and we were dating. then one day we got into this huge fight. he said some sh*t and I got mad. I realized that I didn't like him all that much. Why was I gettin serious?!! I backed off. He still texts me .. askin to sleep with me... sending me dirty messages ... stupid boys.

5. Kered - He's a freakin buttload of issues. didja ever see Bedazzled? The super sensetive guy who cried at the sunset and sand the dolphin safe tuna song? yeah.. that's Kered. He was sweet and kind and waaayyy too fast for me. we dated for a bit. and I liked him even though i knew he was an emotional wreck. I thought "I can get past the mush!" WRONG. one night... i slept with him. and it was GOOOOOOD.... then he said it. "i think i love you."
Yeah. I freaked. I ran. He ended up meeting another girl. they started dating and he and I tried to stay friends. but she... she was psycho. He told me that she was 19 (much younger than he) and a basketcase. i thought "you're perfect for eachother. you're such a father figure and she's just a baby" well... that turned out to be a horror story. She treated his kids like shit. he let her move in. stupid!!! she treated him like shit. she was stealing from her job. she stole from him. then... when he finally kicked her out... she called the cops and said he hit her... you know how i found out? she stole his phone and logged onto his yahoo account. insanity. yeah. you ready for the conversation? Names have been changed to protect the innocent .. and the guilty.

Me: i see you have your phone back.
Her: Who is this
Me: lol its Yas you retard.
Her: Oh well this isn't BEEP
Her: He's still in jail
Me: oh is this BEEP's girlfriend?
Me: oh is he? wow.
Me: can i get my stuff back?
Her: I'm not his girlfriend anymore
Me: but you're logged onto his account? real smooth
Me: he has a few things of mine i need to get back.
Her: No he was
Her: Never logined him out
Me: regardless...
Me: stuff...
Me: mine...
Me: need...
Her: BEEP hit me twice and he's in jail
Her: What stuff do i have that's yours
Me: well if you're still in his house then it would be the viao computer, the Metropolus DVD and the Katamari Damacy video game.
Me: I'd like those things back
Her: You'll have to ask him
Me: so you have his phone, logged into his account, wearing his bruises but no longer in his house?
Her: He kicked me out and in the process he beat me up
Me: just makin sure i have the story straight.
Her: My phone i bought it
Her: My name is on the account
Me: ah. but you're still logged in..
Me: which means you've been telling everyone who's messaged him that he hit you and he's in jail?
Her: Call his grandma she is the wife now
Me: lol she was always the wife.
Her: No i didn'tknow he was logined in
Her: On my phone
Me: but he hasn't been logged in in days ... and suddenly he logged in? no phone is set up with auto log.
Me: but thats cool
Her: Yeah well now she is once again
Me: it doesnt matter to me
Me: as llong as i get my stuff back.
Me: i'm sure she is.
Her: I don't have it
Me: i'm sure you don't
Me: i'll call around.
Me: thanks.
Her: And his house is cleared out
Me: by the way... this would probably be the right time for you to grow up and log him out of your phone.
Her: So wish you the best
Me: oh its okay. i can claim at impound.
Her: Why he's in jail
Me: don't you have your own yahoo account?
Her: He can't he's in jail
Me: he can't what?
Her: More
Me: he can't what?
Her He can't come anywhere near me
Me: so you stay logged into his account?
Her: So if you want your stuff good luck
Me: thats kinda retarded.
Me: no problem. which county impound was it taken to?

Me: lol
Me: you probably shouldnt have used the invisible. every time you type... it shows at the bottom.

Turns out... No he didn't hit her. MIND YOU this guy couldn't hit a train headin right for him! he just isn't that kinda guy. he isn't anywhere near violent. he runs from it. and she... she's psycho. i can't even express it enough. he spent 28 hours in jail over a trumped up charge and a cut she gave herself on her hand. she's taken over his accounts including his myspace and has gone bonanas.

I ... feel bad for him because if he weren't so damned mushy and now with all the drama.. i'd have dated him again. he was the one i'd have liked to have tried again with.


now... i'm alone. good times!

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