Tuesday, July 1, 2008

micro management moments

my boss thinks i'm such an idiot that she has to ask me every 20 minutes where i'm at in my work, what i'm doing, and that i should work and talk if i'm going to talk. she thinks i can't do my job. she thinks i'm incompetent.

which means i now i have a right to be a complete slacker and stop trying totally and utterly.


I want to post a chunk of my book.. but i'm afraid you will all (all none of you) will pee yourself with excitement. and we wouldn't want that now, would we? cat pissed in her box. she'll be poopin on my floor soon. i'm soo over her. my brother in-law thinks its the change. i think she's just being a bitch.

although i could be wrong. but at this point.. i don't care.

i ate burger king tonight. when will i learn?

i'm figuring when i hit 300 lbs.

good times huh?

so now what? i've dug myself into debt this paycheck and its wrong. i feel like a retard money wise. :( lets hope it doesn't happen again.