Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Job Security [read:office retardation]

I had to go back to work today, still coughing and hacking, still swollen. I got there early to find a massive scan pile under the desk, my patient files a shambles and my desk lookin like someone robbed me!

SOMEONE B&E'd my desk!

I have no idea how the damned office functions when I'm not there. It was like someone did my job.. just horribly! and what should have made me feel like I was covered in job security like a freakin glowing holiday ham, only made me feel like I needed freedom.

I think I'm a nomad. I'm not made to stay in one place too long. Not a job, not a house, not a state, not anything.

I sat and kinda stared for a good 20 minutes before I realize d that I'd have to work off the clock if I wanted to get anywhere near caught up. It sucked to know that no matter what I did I wasn't about to get anywhere near cuaght up because my retarded coworkers couldn't handle the job without me.

And sadly... it just got worse. all day the files were just horrible. I mean who was what and appointments were in the wrong spot and now I'm having to just do more work. I was apologizing and making calls to correct all kinds of crap. its amazing how much some people can screw up royally when they realize the job isn't that easy.

Man. I need some excedrine. my head's killin me.

okay... I'm goin to bed. tonight I watched The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara today after work and damn does that movie never get old! :D


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