Thursday, January 17, 2008

D'oh... AGAIN!!

Well Damnit.

Went to meet Nek. Of course took Ynnej with me. its like a test now. If they hit on my little sister… its soo done. HAH!

We get there… he’s nice. He’s a huge chargers fan from San Diego. He makes good money has a nice place and is cool with both me and Ynnej. He actually had his female friend Refinnej meet with us too just to make us feel safe which I thought was totally cool.

All was going perfectly until he took me into his office, showed me his toys (RC Cars you pervs!) … it was just him and I and as we were talking… I turned my back and he grabbed my sides. My chunky parts. My love handles. My chub. Yeah. He grabbed and … attempted to tickle me. and right then and there… I was immediately weirded out.

Well there went that. L AGAIN!!

Boys are dumb. I’ve come to this conclusion after years of watching, researching and studying boys. They are complete morons. We hung a little while longer but I just felt totally weirded out. We left and I told Ynnej. She told me I’d be better off moving in with Luap and that she’d tell him he needed to back off.

So … maybe that’s what’s goin to happen. Who knows. :p

0_o L

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