Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Eve!

I have no f*cking life. ;p New years eve Ynnej and I hung out then went to Oasis Hookah Bar in tempe. We hung out and smoked and chilled out… Counting down. I remember we did something afterwords but damn if I don’t know what it was!

Lol that’s sooo bad.

Then we get this call… “Ynnej can you possibly come get me? Kcin left me behind at a party. Yes… yes I’m drunk.”

So around 3:45am we drive into the ghetto of downtown Tempe and wait for Ttam. He’s a good guy. Kinda reminds me of everyone’s favorite hippy. But sometimes his decisions make me want to slap him. He’s not really my friend… He’s Ynnej’s friend. But I’ve gotten attached to him. Like a little brother. And man … we got there .. and he was drunk and givin massages. Makin us wait. L it sucked. Royally.

We waited over 10 minutes outside for him when he finally showed up. He got in the car and we started to drive his ass out to Gilbert (far away) to his house. Halfway through he rubbed my shoulders.

The man is good with his hands! I was doin the nodd and roll! Ya know.. when you start to fall asleep and your eyes drift closed… your head nodds down and Boom! You wake up and roll your head back up .. “I’m awake! I’m here!” haha

Yeah. So we dropped his ass off at home and drove home to crash out and ring in the new year. That was that.

Oooohh wait… ya know what we did? I remember now! We met up with Yllib and his family friends … I met his best friend who’s name I can’t remember for the life of me and snuck into Ynnej’s parent’s house to play their new wii. I got my ass handed to me in bowling. :p

Then we got Ttam. That makes me feel better. Lol I was feelin like a f*cking louse for not remembering when I didn’t even drink that much haha

0_o L

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