Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Hunt Begins!

L’s been without any internet or even cell phone to make any communication with the outside world. Its been an interesting little piece of my life without it. I almost felt like a kid… when I relied on everyone else for attention, time or anything else that might be fun. I became a little bit more in tune with myself, often. Mainly at night. Haha! Just kiddin.


The lease is up on Feb 1 and Ynnej and I have to haul some ass. Start packing and cleaning and finding places to live. Well, she’s goin home to the ‘Rents. I’m the one who has to find out what I’m goin to do. I started lookin on Craigslist and realized there are a lot of sick f*cks out there.

“Wanted. Roommate. Must be young, female, supple with soft breasts and firm thighs. Must be flexable. Rent negotiable.”

“Room for rent. 46 year old male looking for female roommate ages 18-19. Must look underaged and not mind mass amounts of video equipment. Must be willing to share bathroom and open air shower. Rent Negotiable, roommate Firm.”

“Room for rent. Middle aged couple looking for young frisky female to move in to empty room. Room used to be son’s but he’s off to college now and we are looking for a playmate. Rent is $300.00 + Utilities. Negotiable for favors.”

I found two though that don’t sound as bad.

One is a guy named Luap. He’s 40, well off and living in a really nice house. He’s starting a new business venture and wants to make extra money with roommates. I’m goin to see the house with Ynnej tomorrow night.

The other is named Nek and he’s closer to my age. 34 livin in a condo closer to my work. His little brother moved home and now he wants a roommate. We’ll see. I’m gonna go for Luap but if it doesn’t work out, I’ll check out Nek.

I just don’t want to get @ss raped one night by my new roommate. Lol gotta watch out these days ya know….

0_o L

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