Tuesday, January 15, 2008

D'Oh! Well there goes that.

Oh No! Luap hit on my 20 year old sister!!!! He hit on my sister, blatently in front of me! I felt like… dude… she’s literally half your age. She’s too hot for you… you’re f*cking sick. You know why? Because he’s BI!!!! That’s right folks. I have no problem with gay/lesbian/bi people but dude… its my sister. He was just finished telling us about his newly discovered love of dick… telling us how he’s dating a few guys… and then…



What a freakin moron. I felt like slapping him. Ynnej was all kinda weirded out but I think she kinda liked the attention. Nothing wrong with harmless flirting. Which I am totally cool with.

Nevertheless… I’m goin to go check out Nek’s place. There’s no way I’m movin into a house with a dude who hit on his roommates little sister in front of her.Totally disrespectful.

That retard.

~_~ L

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