Thursday, May 1, 2008

trip out

so I found him. the man of my dreams. the one I fell in love with years ago who's since disappeared from my life. all I had to do.. was google his ass.

Please... feel free to check out the Fat Ninja Of Love!

I haven't heard back from the Champion of the World. I'm guessin he either ran out of material.. or he's no longer interested.

I'm sittin here thinkin of how i'm living alone now and how its such a huge difference from living with roommates or family or a boyfriend. I'm kinda finding myself ... becoming kinda depressed. SHIT.

I need an outlet out of the house. i need to stop being a pansyass and start jogging.

I'm looking into Lapband. :( i gotta do something.

and this... this is hands down one of the best scenes billy wilder has ever created. ;p

I watched this movie tonight and it never fails to make me laugh hysterically while Jack Lemmon came home engaged and Tony Curtis bullshitted about owning Shell Oil. HAH but what was amazing is how absolutely beautiful Marilyn was. damn she was a stunna!

I love singing this song in the shower!

2 things:

1. what the hell was up with her dress?! obviously no bra or bustier! but was it just not zipped up int eh back!?

2. That damned bell boy makes me laugh every single time i see him! ;p

I was given an HP photosmart 812 camera. I love takin pix but I never really had anything good. so now i'm just takin all kinds of corny pix. wanna see??? lol the night I moved into my new place, i found i have lizards living on my little lamp post out side my apartment. i thought it was only one... but another popped up in the pix that was never seen that actual night!

trippy isnt he? sneaky lil bugger.


Claudia said...

yo lady!! just spent some time catching up on you!! Dang chica...what a crazy ride you've been on lately....those mofos need a good ass whoopin'!! But I'm glad you're back!!!

L said...

lol thanks sistah! yeah back with a vengence??? lol thats me. ;p it feels good to be writin again ;p