Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today was interesting. a storm rolled in and darkened the skies. Wind blew so hard it almost blew my wig off! ;p hah i love that saying. "what you tryin to do!? blow my wig off?!" lol

It brought thunder, lightning, sheets of rain poured down on my desert, saturating the land and cleansing the skies. people ran for cover as if the clouds sprayed us with deadly acid. I stood and let the beautiful water dowse my face. it cooled me from this vicious heat that's plagued us too early. I wanted to run in it. I let it soak into my shoes, bathing my toes in its cold splender. my soul felt clean.

I decided to use my old crappy lil hp camera to record little clips of it. this one.. was taken at my lunch hour at home.

What started as just tiny lil clips to catch the rain we so seldom receive... turned into a strange videography of my nightly emotions. they seem surreal... almost... unhealthy in their psychotic voice (mic issue) and jumbled erratic movements...

I try my damnedest to express the passion i feel about the soft enchanting sound of the downpour. I try to bring you into my mind as i explore the rainy night.

and finally I can only express my love for it. you are left feeling strange... almost lost.. as i felt.

but all in all... this pretty lil bell flower which had fallen from the tree in front of my balcony became a pretty little picture. :) I'm playin around with the macro setting on the cam. i have no idea how to use it but so far... this is the best pic i've gotten :p

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