Sunday, May 4, 2008


and no i dont mean the one between my thighs.

as i unload my storage into my apartment i realize that its just retarded that i own this much shit. not only did i downgrade from a condo to a small apartment for just me... but i'm a fucking packrat!! i never realized it as i do now going through each of these boxes. i have no life for the next few weeks because i need to go through it all and make sure i'm not keeping anything thats just sucking up space.

i've also come to the conclusion that men and women alike are equally retarded and we should resort to electroshock therapy to learn from our lessons.

I've also unpacked about 4 boxes (3 actually... i condensed 2 into 1) and i'm thinkin i just need to take it all burn it.

I helped sherry pack up some shit in her house as she's moving and she showed me her new place... further away north. ;( but its beautiful and she's so happy! so i'm glad for her. she and i both agree right now.. men suck. badly.


as i said earlier... i watched iron man this weekend. here's the deal. I am a freakin nerd and while i've never been one of those uber nerds that allow my nerdiness to ruin my love for cheesiness.... this time i didnt know what to do. Del and I sat through Iron man and first... i saw the new batman preview, the what happens in vegas preview the new narnia preview the new hellboy preview and the new indiana jones preview! plus a few others that didn't stick as well. ooohhh THE SPIRIT. thats gonna fucking rock your socks i promise.

okay so Ironman first of all... I expected some kind of wonderful. I sat through it.. laughed at robert downey jr and his hilariously snarky character (i hate that word... snarky) which he played brilliantly and then it kinda phizzled. i sat through all the special effects, the bombs the blowing shit up and finally decided i was unsatisfied. i walked out feelin numb and slightly cheated.

since everyone else in the freakin free world loved it, something must be wrong with me. I may have to see it again at bargain prices next weekend. we'll see. all I know is ... there's goin to be another one and i'm hoping that will be better.

but i had a blast with del and he's turning out to be a great friend. :)

save for a few emotional shopping trips, the moment i almost bought a lil kitty (NO!!!! I'm not even able to handle a litter box right now!) and me walkin around downtown phx smelling of cardboard and ass... it was an uneventful weekend. but... i had fun.



Mob said...

It must be you, everyone else liked Iron Man...

I'm planning on catching a matinee this week with Macguffin, so we can get our geek on.

L said...

LOL thanks.

yeah i know. i talked to a dude that is kinda my friend at work when his wife isn't browbeating us and he said he kinda felt the same way.

can't wait to hear your opinion. or read it anyway