Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not Dead Yet

so the whole fiasco with the dumping and the breaking of my heart kinda made me really really angry toward men and their lovely game playing ability. I've decided that I'd no longer be lil miss nicenice.

If they want game playing ... then they're about to fuck with the champ. so i'm back on POF. good times. but this time I'm back to just hang around. I'm not looking for Mr. anything at all. I'm just there to hang out.

but once in a while I'll probably get an email from a wayward guy mezmerized by my cheesy ass profile.

So here's what my profile says about me. at first .. i tried a few other routes... fancy, mysterious, hilariously cheesy, endearing... it was all bullshit. this was the final try and it was me being me.

this damned Imeem thing will probably change like every damned day. lol I love music.

man. I've changed this profile like three times within the last 20 minutes. I'm usually a part of the group at the bar thats laughing so hard you think we're stinkin drunk when in fact, we haven't even ordered yet.

I'm a punk by nature not just by music. I'm eclectic. Everything from dance to industrial. I loooove surf music and rockabilly though. thats my thing. I don't expect you to love it. Just accept that its in my life and on my itunes. Just like if you listen to polka I'll only make fun of you behind your back. :p just kiddin. stop crying. nothin wrong with polka *snicker*

two words. GO CHARGERS! nuff said.

I rock at wii boxing and am the queen of oldschool castlevania. if you know what i'm talkin about.. then you're gold. GTA4 makes me drool.

I'm all about going to see bands play live and gettin a drink while doin it. I love good food and seeing movies. Stayin home and veggin on the couch is definitely a great past time too. See... Its all a matter of whats goin on that day.

friends are good. maybe something more... who knows.

what do you think?

so i get this message from this guy. and before I read it... i always check out their profiles. Here's what his says..

About Me:
Well let me start by saying Im the Champion of the World. That is an official title that I won since I was 18 which is the legal age to participate. I know every martial arts and can no longer teach because Im soo leathal the cops dont want everyone to know it. I stopped keeping track of my money so I hired a team of mathmaticians from Yale to count it(there still not sure how much I have). I gave Bin Laden a wedgie back in 93. I been to the moon probably more times than you been to Circle K and actually built one there. Pres.Bush named the preemptive strike after my fists "Shock and Awe". Im totally awesome and buff, plus I rock pretty hard.
First Date:
Well once you wake up from fainting after you see how good looking I am, I would actually carry you for the rest of the evening thats how strong and fast I am. There is a super secret restraunt only for the coolest people in the world to dine at so we would go there first. If your still alive after being in such presense I would carry you off to watch a cage fight. After that we would go to my palace, thats if your FBI background check comes back clean, and show you my house of trophies in the back of my palace. Than play video games for the rest of the night.

I about died laughing. Either he's naturally hilarious or that took him days to write. ready for the email he sent me?

hey whats up its me, the Champion of the World, I know I get excited when I hear that myself sometimes. Anyway, I have a cage fight tonight with a wolverine and a wolf but after that I was wondering if I could make your dreams come true, unless you like the nightmare your living, thats cool too. Hit me back


and for my reply... HEHEHEHEHEHE

Dear Mr. of-the-world;

I'd like to thank you personally for contacting me with your request for an interview. I'd first like to say that not only are your qualifications outstanding but your cage match ability puts you right up there with the rest of the cabana boy applicants.

I do however have a few questions...

1. have you ever mixed a drink in your life?
2. can you handle a large palm branch to fan me at any given moment?
3. can you dance?
4. do you have any experience with the ancient art of suntan oil application?

Please answer the above questions, and submit two personal and two professional references. Thank you for your interest in the Yasamin Foundation.

Founder and most exultant grand poobah.

Yeah.. I'm good like that. ;p

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