Tuesday, April 29, 2008

and the fasting has ended


did you miss me? yeah. right. first of all I should tell you that this is the last time I'll be mentioning my asshat of an ex roommate (the child molester). He apparently fucked with the settings on my stupid internet connection network thingamuhjig and for the past month, I've been unable to connect to anyone's internet here at the new place.

I have a pal named Eddie who makes me laugh (and kinda blush) who came over tonight and fixed it. He's freaking awesome. I'm back. and no, I'm not leaving you again. I'm like that asshole fairweather dead beat dad that only shows up when he's in town and his plans fall through.

well that's changing. this baby shall be nurtured and loved and ... bathed. because it smells. hah

so we catch up later. there is much surfing and catching up to do. also... I've started writing again and I can't tell you the idea because its too hot and the world might steal it and oh shit i think I've discovered a freaking diamond in the rough. just pray for me. My writing career [read:life] needs this.


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