Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last Roadtrip of 2007 Part 1


The last trip of 2007 was something I just had to share. My sister Ynnej and I hit up Flagstaff for the second time this last year. We took her boyfriend Yllib with us as a fun lil companion to frolick in the snow with! YAY! Heh

The drive up wasn’t bad. I mean it’s about a 3 hour drive so a lot of preparation goes into this drive.

1. can we afford gas?
2. how do we get there?
3. will the car explode if we drive for 3 hours straight in any direction?
4. when’s the last time this thing had an oil change?
5. do we have warm clothes for the snow?
6. what is sleet?
7. hydroplaning on the freeway isn’t nor should it ever be an Olympic sport.
8. who controls the music?
9. who is mitch hedberg *sp*?
10. why is Yllib the only one with good snow shoes?
11. Are ankle socks appropriate for the snow?
12. Do I look silly in my stars and moons thermal underwear?

All of these questions and concerns needed to be dealt with. Sadly, we only got to a few on the list.

We finally left (way past the 8 am timeslot we had originally planned on) and headed into the dense smog encrusted highways and byways of downtown phoenix. Poor Yllib. We forced him to listen to dance music, rap music, techno, hiphop, Spanish rock, more techno, and even our driving song. He took it in stride. Ynnej is kinda crazy on the road but thanks to her lawbreaking driving skills, we made it to up flagstaff without losing a limb, passenger or a tire. I’d say she deserves a medal for that. Instead she got hot wings. HEH

We met up with her pal Divad and met his new girlfriend. Who’s name I forget (because I don’t give a crap). I felt like I was in band camp in high school again with the slightly chunky big ear’d boy and his scrawny acne riddled coke bottle glasses wearin’ girlfriend sittin across from us at the table of the sports bar/ wings restaurant. They were a hoot! Uh huh… yeah. I actually love Divad and am glad he’s found a girl to infatuate over. ;p

We said our farewells and headed to Wal-Mart to correct a few things on our list of questions and concerns. I bought a jacket and an insultingly expensive pack of thermal long socks to go with my thermal long underwear. DAMN YOU WALMART AND YOUR BULLSH*T DEALS! I’ve never in my life paid $8.88 for freakin thermal socks! (Mind you, I’ve never bought thermal socks before Heh.) Ynnej thought they’d look hilarious but low and behold… she ended up swiping a pair by the end of the day.

I bought Ynnej an OHIO state hat and yes when referring to OHIO state, OHIO must always be capitalized because she is always yelling it. Yllib bought himself a cool irish hat because he’s well.. IRISH. Duh. So off we went headed to Snow Bowl (which is actually a valley of snow in between some mountains once owned by native Americans but is now called snowbowl because whitey had to make it easy for people to describe, bowl of snow… get it?).

Up the windy road we drove with ynnej bitching and grumbling at the slow cars before us. We took pix while driving, yeah I’m daring like that, and laughed the whole way up. Until we met up with a blockage of the road. This turned out to be middle America’s new version of the surfer… the almighty SNOWBOARDER! Blocking the road in silly yellow day-glow vests telling us that if we were not snowboarders of skiers we’d need to turn around and go back down the mountain. Today’s fresh dump of snow was reserved for the cool kids. Not us nerdy ass non athletic sledders.

Grumbling and bitching, Ynnej made a U-Turn and we headed back down the mountain. Of course at her state of irritation she wanted to go faster and we fishtailed down the mountain. (Thanks God for not letting us die. It’d be really embarrassing to explain to the ‘rents).

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