Thursday, December 27, 2007

In The Beginning...

Lets catch you up in my life.

First of all.. my name is L. I'm a smart ass with alot of bullshit in her life (yeah ... i'm a girl) and you're goin to get to read about all of it.

so let me tell you about myself.

  1. I'm fat. round. rotund. voluptuous. chunky. chubby. overweight. obese.
  2. I'm of mixed race. this means I grew up with such a f*cking twisted culturally retarded homelife that I have no idea who I am. This also means that I'm pretty much raceless.
  3. I'm one moody ass b*tch. Some days I'm happy as a clam and lovin life, the next I'm wanting to punt small woodland creatures through the goal posts.
  4. I start shit and never finish them. This includes, sewing stuff, knitting stuff, crochetting stuff, cooking stuff, starting blogs, radio shows, novels, drawings, etc. I also start dishes, laundry and other assorted cleaning/organizing without ever finishing.
  5. I'm a financial retard. I can't seem to save a dime to save my life. I spend like Paris with a budget like MC Hammer. yeah.. that bad. I can't seem to remember what it's like to be a smart shopper or a smart anything with money.
  6. I have absolutely no will power against food. I also have no willpower to get my ass up off the couch to work out.

so now that you know how crappy I am... You should also know that in person, I'm probably the most funny person you will ever meet. on here, I'm just a smartass. I love people and I love the human psyche. Sometimes I'll say sh*t just to get a rise out of someone. I want to experience the passion of the reaction. no reaction, no passion. no passion, no love. no love, no life.

I am addicted to the internet. I know this. but... I also know that I can live without. its what happens when you don't pay the bills.

I am caring and sincere and kinda crazy. I love to laugh. thats all I'm ever doing. and that's why I am starting this blog. I was planning on starting it on the new year but damnit, I don't feel like waiting that long. So... I'll start it tonight. Things in my life are going to be changing. Starting with that list above. I WILL be fixing a few things in my life and getting myself grounded so I can be free in the manner that I want to be. Its time to take the lumps and learn the lessons. Its time to grow up. and with growing up.. learning to be me completely and utterly but not f*ck up royally anymore. :)

Thats why I haven't just up and quit my job yet.

So I work for a Dr's office and I used to love my jobs. One of my co workers is completely schitzo and bipolar with her moodiness. One minute she loves me and wants me to be her bestest bud, the next, she hates my guts and treats me like the lowest form of organism ever to have crawled out of the primordial ooze. Not that she's smart enough to know what the word Primordial means!

** Warning, I spell sh*t wrong all the time just to roast peoples grammar marshmallows. I refuse to use spell check.***

so from one technical position I moved on to the reception. I don't like it. flat out. but... I'm trying. I ... bleh. anyway, I have a bunch of sh*t to say and that'll come soon ..

so welcome.. to the new blog of L.

Warning.. may causing uncontrollable karate chops.

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