Monday, June 9, 2008

goodbye del.

the world is full of cynics. It takes the innocent mind and twists it.. deforms it into these bitter, grumpy husks of humans who walk around hating each other as well as themselves.

And then one falls in love. and what does it do?

It forces its loved one into submission. it loves with an iron fist. it loves, it destroys, and it moves on to the next sentient being. I've witnessed this and watched the utter desolation as it tears through otherwise wonderful people.

Tonight... I write this Eulogy for Del. Del Sunlover as I'll always know you.

We met on Plenty of Fish, lonely scared individuals looking for a little compassion and attention. We found ourselves to be remotely attracted only to meet and realize we were something much more than lovers or friends. we were family. You sir were my brother. my sidekick. my compadre. You were the Gidget to my Laroo. The Batman to my Robin. Arthur to my THE TICK. we watched hilarious movies, drank in dive bars, listened to amazing bands together. we talked to all hours of the night about bad dating, crazy women and men, and laughed at the stupidity of the internet.

You always made me smile with your plans of moving to San Luis Obispo and taking me with you as your crazy ass roommate who you hope doesn't kill you in the middle of the night.

You were my makeshift date to my christmas party. How the hell did we make it home alive that night!?

All i know... is that you will not be replaced but forever missed as your new girlfriend has demanded that you love her and her alone which leaves no room for any friends.

I wish you the best in your afterlife as I mourn your death.

Who knew that getting laid could kill a man on the inside?

apparently I did.

So.. Goodbye Del. Don't let the frienship door hit you in the nutsack that you're dragging behind you on the way out.

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