Saturday, June 7, 2008


Thank you Yahoo.

L: what up
S Dot: whaat up how did it go last nite
L: i came to the conclusion that arthur fucked up and its irreversable.
L: he stayed the night last night
S Dot: okay...
S Dot: what happened?
L: well... last night he came over and we went walking. got good exersize
L: then came back to the apartment and asked if i wanted to go get something to drink.
L: first of all... he's a tight wad.
S Dot: lol
L: he didn't buy me dinner last night even after i said i was hungry even though i've bought him dinner a bunch of times.
L: the man is the king of dutch.
L: he RELUCTENTLY bought me a freakin vitamin water from the gas station.
L: then we came back to my house and we watched Knocked up.
S Dot: yeah you do not need a dude that wont pay for shit
L: he's selfish and spoiled
S Dot: sounds like
S Dot: so did you give him some?
L: hell no
S Dot: good girl!!
L: so after the movie we crashed on my bed and i told him that since he's not willing to commit then ya know.. i'm not gonna allow him to fuck with my emotions
L: so last night we were layin down and i was ready to crash and he spooned me... then pressed himself against me multiple times.
L: ya know.. if i still liked him... i'd have given in.
S Dot: you did good
L: instead i told him no. that i couldn't. i didnt want to go there with him.
L: so he woke up this morning, showered, and left for work.
L: and ya know what???
L: I kinda don't wanna see him again.
L: not like that.
S Dot: really?
S Dot: that's good
S Dot: you're over it huh
L: yeah.
L: i mean he really hurt me before and you know how i am about that. i have a very hard time getting over being hurt
S Dot: yeah...i heard that
L: and then i relaized i'd rather be alone then have some chubby mexican think he can rub himself against me when he doesnt wanna date me.
S Dot: apparently i'm pretty good at it lol
S Dot: LOL that's funny
L: yeah.
S Dot: yeah girl you deserve way better
L: just felt funky.
S Dot: yeah
L: i agree.
S Dot: what you doing
L: something in my brain is slowly changing.
L: nothin
L: wanna come over, work out and maybe hit the pool?
S Dot: yeah that sounds good

See??? I'm done. taking advantage can only go so far. lol

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